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Men’s Health in the Bedroom – Viagra, Cialis, and More

For Americans, February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day offers couples of all kinds the opportunity to focus on romance, intimacy, and sexual health. But for as many as 1 in every 10 men, intimacy poses problems of its own. 

Erectile dysfunction is a more common roadblock than you may think. In fact, the issue is prevalent enough that the erectile dysfunction treatment industry is valued at several billion dollars worldwide. In any event, you’re far from alone if you’re suffering from ED. 

But American men face another problem when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment—affordability and regularity of access. Not even ED medication is safe from the greedy, price-hiking practices of the American pharmaceutical industry. 

So, how can you get the drugs you need at the right price and in the right quantity so that you’re ready for intimacy whenever the opportunity arises?

RX Access and Regularity

Affordable access to prescription and generic drugs (such as Cialis, Viagra, or Staxyn) can make the difference between a life of frustration and life of intimacy, warmth, and affection. Sexual wellness is synonymous with general wellness, and The Canadian Drugstore has the prescription medication you need at up to an 80% discount when compared to your local pharmacy. 

Better still, we deliver your RX medication in up to 90-day supplies, ensuring you have the drugs you need to maintain regular, enthusiastic, and gratifying intimacy with your partner—both in the month of love and beyond.


Technically speaking, your prescription issued by your American physician can be filled at any pharmacy in the world. So why pay American prices for the same drug that’s up to 80% cheaper from another pharmacy in another country? 

Too often, quality of life drugs (like those that treat erectile dysfunction) is overpriced simply because the manufacturers, insurance companies, and pharmacies know how much you’re willing to pay for intimacy. Thankfully, alternatives to pharmacies exist.

The Average Pharmacy Cost

To illustrate how much The Canadian Drugstore can save you on a brand name or generic Cialis, Viagra, and Staxyn, let’s crunch some numbers.

Brand Name Cialis/Viagra

By conservative estimates, the cost to the consumer for common erectile dysfunction drugs comes in somewhere between $12-$70 per unit (pill) for an average of $41 per unit. Meanwhile, the average price for 10mg of Staxyn weighs in at around $37.28 per unit from your local pharmacy.

Cialis/Viagra: Average of $41 per unit

Staxyn: Average of $37.28 per unit

Canadian Drugstore

By offering both brand name and generic alternatives for ED medication, The Canadian Drugstore can help you improve daily intimacy without breaking the bank. 

20mg Brand Name Cialis: $15.50 per unit

100mg Brand Name Viagra: $10.99 per unit 

100mg Generic Viagra: $1.87 per unit

10mg Brand Name Staxyn: $13.95 per unit

The Difference

Depending on strength, brand names vs. generics, and overall quantity, The Canadian Drugstore can save consumers anywhere from $25 to $40 per unit (pill) on Cialis and Viagra or up to $20 per unit on Staxyn or their generic alternatives. 

You shouldn’t have to fork over the price of a decent dinner for two just to perform in the bedroom when you need to. Intimacy is health and health is a human right. To increase your intimacy without the debilitating expense, embarrassing trips to the pharmacy, or scraping the bottle to find one last pill, search for your medication online with The Canadian Drugstore.

Intimacy Whenever You Want It

At The Canadian Drugstore, our ability to ship your prescription drugs straight to your door in upwards of a 90-day supply ensures abundant and consistent access to the drugs you need. Intimacy isn’t always scheduled or anticipated—nor should it be. 

With your erectile dysfunction medication through The Canadian Drugstore, you can count on your performance by counting on ours. We’ll send you a prescription refill reminder when your current supply runs low. We can even automatically refill your prescription for you so that you’re never turning over old bottles in search of one last-ditch pill.

Spare yourself the trip to the pharmacy, the outrageous pharmacy prices, and the frustration of running low when your partner is running hot by ordering affordable brand name and generic erectile dysfunction drugs from The Canadian Drugstore.

Always be ready for intimacy with affordable RX drugs from The Canadian Drugstore

Intimacy isn’t optional—it’s a fundamental part of human life, human nature, and human happiness. You shouldn’t have to turn over couch cushions to afford your erectile dysfunction medication. The Canadian Drugstore can help. Search for your prescription erectile dysfunction medication here. Once you’ve created an account and made your purchase, we’ll deliver your medication straight to your door in a 90-day supply so that you can get back to planned or spontaneous intimacy.


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