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The Canadian Drugstore is all about connecting people with the drugs they need at affordable prices. We understand that, to Americans, this model may seem strange or even illicit. But we are a legal, safe, and affordable alternative to your local pharmacy, dedicated to human health and wellness.

At The Canadian Drugstore, we feel that easy access to life-saving and quality-of-life drugs is a human right that crosses borders, jurisdictions, and distinct healthcare markets. We go the extra distance to ensure that your medications are safe, affordable, and delivered in a timely manner.

If you have any other questions or concerns about our medications, our operation, or your account, please reach out to us in either of the following ways so that we can put you at ease and help you find the drugs you need.

Phone & Fax

Call us or fax us toll free at the following numbers.

Fax: 1-888-575-5506

Legal & Safe

Technically speaking, your prescription issued by your licensed healthcare professional can be filled by any pharmacy on planet Earth. So why buy your drugs from the local pharmacy at American prices when you can pay less for the same medication shipped in 90-day supplies straight to your door?

Drug manufacturers price their drugs depending on where they’re sold. For Americans, this means paying the highest prices in the world for RX drugs. To make matters even more difficult, while the drug makers, pharmacies, doctors, and insurance companies all make a profit, you’re stuck paying outrageous sums for medication that can literally keep you happy, healthy, and alive.

Don’t go on churning through the same broken, status quo system.

Place your first order with The Canadian Drugstore today and let us show you the safest, legal alternative to finding the medication you need at upwards of an 80% discount.

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