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The Canadian Drugstore FAQs – Answering the Questions that Matter Most

If you live in the United States, you pay some of the highest prescription drug prices in the world. What most Americans don’t realize is that they have a choice when it comes to where they buy their prescription medications.

US Consumers often don’t understand that they can buy the same FDA-approved drugs from other parts of the world a fraction of the price while enjoying the convenience of having their medications delivered legally through the mail. What’s more, most prescriptions can be filled in 90-day quantities alleviating the hassle of having to get refills every single month. 

You may be asking, why doesn’t everyone order their prescriptions online? The short answer is that major American pharmaceutical companies make big profits from selling their drugs in the United States, and they’ll do whatever they can to create fear and uncertainty among American consumers to protect their multi-billion dollar industry.

You’re not alone if you’re weighing the benefits of ordering your drugs online. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, people, just like you are asking as they consider this a safe, legal, and affordable way to get their medications. 

Is it legal to get my prescription from an international pharmacy?

Yes. The FDA specifically addresses the subject of importing prescription medication on their website. The bottom line, most common prescriptions that are FDA-approved are legal to import for personal use as long as a few simple rules are followed. These rules include: 

1) A licensed physician must prescribe the medication, 

2) The medication must be FDA-approved, 

3) You cannot import habit-forming medications, and 

4) You cannot import more than a 3-month supply. 

How do I know it’s safe?

As your neighborhood pharmacy, online suppliers are subject to rules and regulations when filling and shipping prescriptions. This is a good thing because these policies help protect American consumers. 

Although the packaging and appearance of a drug may differ from what you’re used to, international pharmacies only ship medications that have been FDA-approved in order to comply with government regulations. 

Reputable online suppliers like The Canadian Drugstore source their drugs from world-class licensed international pharmacies in countries like Great Britain or New Zealand. This helps to ensure the delivery of safe, affordable, quality medications. 

What medications are available?

Most commonly prescribed medications in the United States are available to order online and receive through the mail. Some examples include:

1) Cardiovascular medications like Livalo, Corlanor, Bystolic, Crestor, and Zetia

2) Mental Health medications like Buspirone, Anafranil, Abilify, Cymbalta, and Prozac

3) Women’s Health medications like Progesterone, Calcitriol, and Actonel

4) Men’s Health Medications like Cialis, Viagra, Staxyn, and Flomax

It’s easy to search for hundreds of available prescriptions online where you’ll find the most commonly prescribed drugs at deep discounts when compared to your local pharmacy.

Can I use my insurance?

Because foreign pharmacies are not located in the United States, most do not accept insurance for prescription medications. However, many health plans will cover the cost of medically necessary prescription drugs and reimburse patients that provide receipts for out-of-pocket expenses. 

You can easily contact your insurance provider to get more information on what prescriptions are approved for reimbursement. In addition, you’ll want to understand the steps necessary to submit your claim for reimbursement. A few simple steps can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year on your prescription medications.

Even without help from the insurance companies, the prices you pay through The Canadian Drugstore can save you up to 80% on generic and brand name medications. Why enrich the insurance companies, drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and politicians when you could enrich yourself instead?

Is there any difference in the medications?

Common brand-name medications are available in most countries throughout the world. Because of differences in language and culture, it’s not uncommon for drugs to have different names or packaging based on the market where they are sold. 

Whether you’re looking for a branded or generic prescription, you’ll find in most cases the chemical makeup of the medication is identical, meaning it’s the same drug. Although the same medications may have different names, in many instances they are manufactured in the same facility and the only difference is the package. 

How do I get started?

Ordering your RX drugs through The Canadian Drugstore is as simple as these 4 steps:

Step 1: Start an Account

To get started, you’ll need a valid prescription issued by a licensed physician. Once you have that in hand, you’ll start an account with The Canadian Drugstore by providing some basic information and proof of your prescription.

Step 2: Find Your Drugs at up to an 80% Discount

Search for the medications you need here. Once you find a price and brand name or generic alternative that works for you, you’ll place your order and receive a confirmation email.

Step 3: Sit Back & Relax

Your RX medication is on the way! Your drugs will arrive at your front door upwards of a 90-day supply within a few weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

Step 4: Refills & Reminders

When you run low, we’ll let you know! We can even automatically refill your prescription and ship it to you (refills permitting). 

A Different Way to Live & Stay Healthy

The Canadian Drugstore was born out of the belief that everyone should have fair, affordable, and consistent access to the medications they need. When you’re already dealing with ailments, chronic issues, and quality-of-life slumps, the last thing you need is anxiety about where your medication comes from and how much it costs.

Thankfully, we can help. Click here to get started today.

Become one of the millions of people enjoying legal, safe prescription medications at a fraction of the cost of your local pharmacy.

Information is power—it creates opportunities to save time and money for those who are willing to invest the energy to educate themselves. Understanding the value of RX drugs through the mail can mean the difference in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars saved each year. Search for your prescription medication here. Once you’ve created an account and made your purchase, we’ll deliver your medication straight to your door in a 90-day supply so that you can spend less time worrying about your prescriptions and more time enjoying your life.

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