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America Shifts to Online Pharmacies – Consumer Reports

If you’re one of the millions of Americans searching for affordable prescription drugs online, you’re not alone. According to a recent Consumer Reports article, a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and soaring drug prices drove more Americans than ever to seek online pharmacies over the last year. Sadly, for too many Americans, the damage of high prices and indifferent insurance companies has already been done. 

The state of prescription drugs in America is grim, and online pharmacies like The Canadian Drugstore are quickly catching on. Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say about the sorry state of medication access in America today.

Breaking Pills in Half & Skipping Doses

Consumer Reports cites a 2021 Kaiser Family Foundation analysis illustrating the toll of high drug prices on the average American. Among other things, the analysis shows that 30% of American adults (about 77 million people) were unable to take their medication as directed for fear of running out too soon and not being able to afford a new supply.

Put bluntly: in the wealthiest nation on the planet, 3 in 10 adults broke their pills in half or skipped doses to make their medication stretch. To make matters more embarrassing, many of these affected adults had insurance, but the insurance coverage wasn’t adequate enough to make their drugs any more affordable.

Blame & Shame

It stands to reason that significant pressure and outrage would follow any injustice affecting 77 million people. True to form, a handful of bills concerning affordable drugs have been proposed in Congress, though few will live long enough or pass soon enough to offer relief today. 

Meanwhile, insurance companies are constantly adjusting the amount of support they offer for certain, life-saving drugs. Even in the most difficult times, remaining profitable is the primary focus of American insurance providers.

American consumers have had enough of brick-and-mortar pharmacy prices. After ordering daily dinner, groceries, and even cars online throughout the pandemic, more and more Americans are seeking the same affordable treatment for their RX drugs.

So, how can a consumer get the drugs they need at prices they can afford?

Online Pharmacies to the Rescue

Unlike your local pharmacy, online drugstores have several advantages to help keep costs low. By avoiding added fees, online pharmacies can still turn a small profit for themselves while passing the remaining savings on to the consumer. 

Online pharmacies keep costs down by:

  • Delivering medications in larger quantities
  • Cutting out insurance companies
  • Ordering RX medication internationally where prices are low
  • Charging memberships

At The Canadian Drugstore, for example, we deliver in 90-day supplies straight to your door and source more affordable medication from other markets. We also avoid “dispensing charges” and other insurance-related costs. Unlike some other popular online pharmacies, however, we DO NOT charge a membership fee. You only pay for the drugs you need when you order through The Canadian Drugstore.

Advantages American Consumers Need

When you order your drugs from an online pharmacy rather than your local pharmacy, you enjoy many advantages. But not all online pharmacies are created equally. The real difference comes down to membership fees, haggling with insurance, or not sourcing affordable medication in large enough supplies to pass savings onto the customer.

At The Canadian Drugstore, we believe that access to healthcare and medication is a human right. That’s why we do everything in our power to keep prices down. When you order your RX drugs with us, you can expect:

  • Utmost safety – Pharmacists inspect medications to ensure correct amount & dosage
  • Affordable prices – We source our drugs from where they’re most affordable to American consumers, offering generic and brand name options
  • Ample supply – We deliver in up to 90-day supplies so you never have to break your pills in half or skip a dose
  • Automatic refill notifications – We’ll let you know when you’re running low and can even automatically renew your order
  • Swift delivery – Your order will arrive in 2-3 weeks at maximum, sooner for most orders
  • No membership fees – We don’t charge monthly or annual membership fees
  • Simple ordering process – Ordering from us is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3

Human Health is Human Dignity

Human beings should not have to hoard prescription medication like squirrels storing nuts for the winter. If you think it’s completely unacceptable that 30% of American adults have to break pills in half or skip doses, then The Canadian Drugstore is with you and for you.

When elected officials, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical corporations can’t be trusted to lift a finger to help ⅓ of all American adults, it falls to online drugstores to balance out the scales. Search for the drugs you need here and become a part of the change you need to see in America today.

No more breaking pills, no more skipping doses…

Restore your peace of mind, your health, your sense of financial security, and your human dignity by ordering the drugs you need online. Americans enjoy a long tradition of free market commerce balancing out the injustices of lazy or uninterested politicians, companies, and corporations. Call us today at  888-372-2252 or email us to learn how we can help you take back control of your health, life, and finances.

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