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Top 4 Benefits of Getting Your Prescription Drugs Through The Mail

We all know the routine. You go to the doctor, get a prescription, pick up the prescription, and go home. We’ve been fetching our medication this way for what feels like time immemorial. But the status quo only feels like the best way because we’ve made peace with it. Disrupting that ritual could lead to an uncomfortable new way, or—as is often the case—an even better, more affordable way.   

Are in-person prescription pickups really the best method for getting your drugs in the 21st century? In an age where you can get groceries, flowers, and even cars delivered to your door? It’s time to put the drugstores and malt counters behind us and embrace the convenience of prescription drugs through the mail. 

Here are the top 4 benefits of ordering your drugs online.

They’re More Affordable

Domestic pharmacies throughout America charge a certain price for medications. This price is based on numerous factors, few of which have anything to do with how much that medication costs to make. Ultimately, because you’re buying drugs in America, the pharmaceutical corporations and insurance companies can charge a premium for their products. This is, after all, the richest country on Earth.

That same medication likely costs less in another country where consumers can’t afford the prices that Americans pay. Therefore, drugs shipped to you from a foreign pharmacy are affordable enough that even after the cost of shipping, consumers often save upwards of 80%! 

Technically speaking, your prescription could be honored by any pharmacist in any country on the planet. So why are you still buying your medications at American prices?

It’s Convenient

If you’ve been to a pharmacy lately, or even tried to give them a call, you’ve noticed that they’re not just busy—they’re overwhelmed. At this moment in history, pharmacies are operating on the front lines of a pandemic, distributing vaccines, flu shots, medications, etc. What would have taken five minutes just two years ago now takes half an hour at American pharmacies.

For the immunocompromised, unvaccinated, elderly, or disabled, standing in line at a pharmacy for the better part of an hour exposes them to risks they can’t afford to take. Now more than ever before, ordering your drugs online can save you time, risk, and inconvenience.

90-Day Supplies

Online pharmacies (such as The Canadian Drugstore) often ship several months of medication in one go. For once-daily drugs, this 90-day supply represents the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got the medicines you need. But these 90-day supplies also spare consumers numerous other hassles that accompany the 30 or even 60 day supplies you might pick up from a local pharmacy.

When your medication starts to run low, The Canadian Drugstore will send you a reminder. Once you confirm your order again, you can rest assured knowing that your medication is on the way with little to no gap between your incoming and dwindling supplies.

By ordering online, you skip the pharmacy lines, phone calls, hold music, and frustration of desperately filling your prescription again before running out.

It’s Completely Safe (and Legal)

As in American pharmacies, pharmacists abroad are legally and ethically bound to review all outgoing medications. This ensures the utmost accuracy and safety—and all at a drastically lower price than you would pay domestically. 

Ordering through an online pharmacy is also completely legal (even if the public perception has been warped by industry giants to make you think otherwise). To learn more about how ordering drugs online works, or to learn more about the legality of the practice, click here

Same Medication, Lower Prices

Whether you’re shopping for blood pressure, ED, or smoking cessation medications, The Canadian Drugstore has the drugs you need at better prices. We ship 90-day supplies straight to your door and will remind you when your supply runs low so that you never run completely out.

The age of Norman Rockwell and apothecary storefronts is over. In the 21st century, there’s a better, safe, and more affordable way to get the medications you need.

Discover the benefits for yourself by ordering today!

The quickest way to learn if you can trust someone is to trust them. You don’t have to take our word on the tremendous benefits of ordering your drugs online. Search for the medicine you need here, compare our price to what you’ve been paying, and place your first order today. Once you see the difference for yourself, you may never visit a brick-and-mortar pharmacy again.


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