Who We Are

We are proud of the fact that we were the first to bring Canadian drugs online to the American consumer back in the year 2000.

Back then, many Americans crossed the border to Canada every day, (and some still do) on bus tours or individually, to take advantage of Canada’s lower prices on most prescription drugs. Perhaps you’ve seen news broadcasts of United States Senators and Congressmen as they accompanied groups to Canada to purchase their medicines.

Most Americans, however, live nowhere near Canada’s borders and are unable to take advantage of Canada’s lower prices. We opened up the Canadian option to everyone, regardless of where you live. And now we bring you the best drugs from around the world.

We Care About Saving You Money

"If for any reason you do not receive your medication from TCDS within 15 business days from the date of shipment, please contact us to have a refund applied to your credit card equal to the amount charged or a replacement shipment sent to you. If your medication arrives in a damaged condition, please contact us. We will credit your account or replace your order."