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Online Canadian Pharmacy: Buying Prescription Drugs From Canada

On average, Americans spend $1,200 on prescription medications every year. While for some people, that’s just a drop in the bucket, for others, it can be a huge financial burden.

But when it comes to certain medications, not having it can mean a noticeable drop in quality of life. It can even mean a huge compromise to your health. So for most people, they have no choice but to make hard financial decisions to get the medications they need.

If you’re looking for cheaper medications, then buying prescription drugs from Canada may be a viable option for you.

Here’s a quick guide to buying meds from Canada.

The Benefits of Ordering Prescription Drugs Online

You already know that order prescription medications online will save you a lot of money. Not only is this because you’re sourcing medicine from other countries, but also, you’re not locked into just one pharmacy’s prices.

But what else?

Ordering online also allows you to fill and receive your medicine without having to leave your home. This means that people with serious diseases and the frailer senior population won’t have to risk their health just to get their medications.

Also, ordering online offers you lots of discretion. Perhaps you have a medical condition you’re embarrassed about. Every time you go to the pharmacy, you feel highly uncomfortable; it feels like everyone within a 5-mile radius can hear you ask for your medications.

With online ordering, you won’t have to be put in this uncomfortable situation anymore. Even if you have to order by phone for any reason, you’re still in the comforts of your own home and you’re speaking to just one person through the phone.

How to Find a Reputable Online Pharmacy

Before you go ordering off of any Canadian online pharmacy you can find, you need to first make sure you’re choosing a reputable place. If you don’t, you may get prescription drugs that are placebos. Or worse yet, they may have harmful ingredients that can even be fatal if you take them.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can  online pharmacies.

First of all, do they ask for a prescription when you’re ordering? If not, then that’s a huge red flag. Any online pharmacy that doesn’t ask for proof of valid prescriptions clearly doesn’t have your health in mind.

Also, take a look at their drug prices. If they’re so cheap that you can’t believe it, then that’s most likely a red flag. This indicates that they’re sourcing cheap drugs from questionable sources.

You’ll also want to take a look at how long they’ve been in business. The longer the history they have, the more likely that the online pharmacy is trustworthy. They wouldn’t be able to stay in business for so long if they’re not offering legitimate products and services, after all.

Last, but not least, check their return policy. For example, if an online pharmacy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with a clear return and refund policy, this should give you peace of mind. If they’re upfront about replacing and/or refunding you for damaged medication, then that shows the pharmacy cares immensely about ensuring you get what you paid for.

The Ordering Process

Now that you know how to choose a reputable online pharmacy, you can move onto actually buying Canadian medication.

The first thing you’ll have to do is register an account on the online pharmacy. Here, you’ll fill out all your important details, such as your full name, address, birth date, and some basic information about your health (including what medications you’re currently taking). Some places will allow you to register either online, through the phone, or by fax.

Once you’re registered, the online pharmacy will ask you to send proof of your prescriptions. Typically, you can use email, fax, or snail mail. If you need to get your prescriptions filled quickly, then it’s best if you avoid snail mail and use the other two methods if possible.

Once the online pharmacy has confirmed they’ve received your prescription(s), you can then start shopping their selection. Simply browse their website or you can type in the drug name to get filtered results.

What’s great is any reputable online pharmacy will give you detailed information on the drugs you’re ordering. Not only is there info about the strength, package price, and size, but also the dispensing country and manufacturer.


If you’re annoyed with how brick and mortar pharmacies do refills, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s much easier with online pharmacies.

If your prescriptions come with refills, the online pharmacy will ask you if you want to fill it, well before your current supply runs out. If you do wish to get a refill, you can either respond by phone or email. Once they receive your refill request, they’ll fill it, ensuring you don’t have a break in your medicine.

Some online pharmacies will even allow you to sign off on continuous refills, meaning you won’t have to take any action to keep getting more of your prescription drugs. It’s really that simple!

Save Money by Buying Prescription Drugs From Canada

As you already know, buying prescription drugs from Canada can save you a significant amount of money. By reading about what ordering from Canadian mail-order pharmacies entails, hopefully, you should have better peace of mind about doing so.

So stop filling your prescriptions at expensive American pharmacies. Canadian pharmacies have the same exact prescription medications but at much lower prices. You’ll be able to stay in good health without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to start saving on your prescription medications? Then shop our prescription drugs now.

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